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Song of the day – 42: Camera Obscura

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Spain’s Elefant Records just sent me a parcel of 14 lovely shiny brand-new seven-inch singles.

Names like Television Personalities, The School, Papa Topo, Helen Love, The Carrots and Stereo-Total. Oh yes. I really will have to dust off that USB record-player finally and have myself a listening party with a few select Brisbane sorts. There’s a new Kitchen’s Floor seven to play, Art Museums, something from that crazy dude with the long tongue from Gravy Train!!!, and loads of older stuff besides. (If you’re a select Brisbane sort and fancy that sort of party, send me an email.) I can think of a few fellow bloggers who might be feeling a little pink with envy upon reading this news… anyway.

They also sent me a brace of Camera Obscura sevens.  And there’s never anything wrong with being sent a brace of Camera Obscura sevens. Why, here’s one right now!

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