Song of the Day #774: Horsegirl

Song of the Day #774: Horsegirl
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Talking of missing shows in 2022, I managed to be in London in the same week as Horsegirl were playing four shows and didn’t manage to get to any of them.  Admittedly one of those shows was the day we flew back to Brisbane but I managed to be London at a time when Horsegirl were playing three shows and didn’t manage to get to any of them.  Too many other plans just made it impossible, a real shame as the chances of them coming to Brisbane are probably low and the chances of them playing four shows in Brisbane while they’re here are non-existent.  If they ever make it out to Australia, the chances of them playing four shows in Sydney or Melbourne would be about the same.

This was something that I filed away from last year.  Because when you know that something is for you, you know in the first 15 seconds.  When something is right, you know it even before the vocals start. You know if you’re going to like something or not in the first 15 seconds. It’s not something that happens all that often, which makes it all the more joyous when it does

They were playing all those London shows as their debut album, Versions of Modern Performance, had been released the week before. It’s a great album. Music that sounds like the early 90s actually sounded, not music in the 2020s that’s trying to sound like the early 90s sounded.

I had high hopes that maybe Laneway would book them up to come and play in Brisbane next year but it’s not to be.  I might have to coordinate a future trip to London when they’re back there and hope they’ll be four opportunities in a week to go and see them.

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