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Song of the day (Australia) – 148: The Cannanes

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The debut Cannanes single was the third record that David Nichols brought across to my house in Willesden Green that fateful day in 1985.

I’m not saying that I liked it… but I made it Single Of The Week in the NME, and then formed a record label (Calculus) with my future house-mate Jamie to try and get it a release in the UK. (The distribution company foundered before we could release it, owing us a tidy sum of money – made even tidier by the fact we were both on the dole. Before that happened, we released the debut Dog-Faced Hermans LP and reissued their first single, and put out a seven-inch by The Fizzbombs. Fine times, mostly spent on a coach up to Scotland.)

I don’t have the link to the song I want (which I actually covered several years back with guitarist Danya for a tribute album that never appeared), dating from 1985, duh – so I thought I’d link to this instead. I’m sure you can understand why. I guess I could probably repost the cover and the original if anyone shows the remotest amount of interest.

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