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Song of the day – the Bottom 10

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Sigh. Some of these songs are so great. Especially (HINT!) Analogik, KASMs, Bee Vamp and Ann Peebles.

1. Song of the day – 216: AXXONN
I have no idea what the music sounds like. I just love the video.
2. Song of the day – 190: Ruby For Lucy
I like to hear the strum of the acoustic, and tentative harmonies. I like nervousness especially when the music is clearly attempting to reflect human frailties.
3. Song of the day – 291: Analogik (see featured image)
These people. How did they find out my name? How do they know I like mischief? Did they know I once wrote a review of the Scatman’s debut album in – um – scat? Do they appreciate I like to feel woozy and bluesy and a little bit snoozy last thing at night? Why is the album called A Great Mix?
4. Song of the day – 233: Awesome Color
Sometimes, you just GOT to listen to music like this. Reminds me of Redd Kross in some weird ass way.
5. Song of the day – 308: KASMs
Apparently, the singer of KASMs once poured a cup of boiling coffee on an audience member’s head. Fuck the music. You think I’m not going to like them on the basis of that alone – especially if it’s a myth?
6. Song of the day – 254: Bee Vamp
Always had them listed alongside Clock DVA and A Certain Ratio in my mind… didn’t need to catalogue, but I just knew this music would help me loosen up, when required.
7. Song of the day – 289: Ann Peebles
That brass is to cry for, the vocal delivery is so understated and beautifully pained.
8. Song of the day – 288: Rah Digga
This is a fucken fine slice of rap, with some fine fucken female MC rapping over the top, all laid-back and sensuous like, with a meaty fucken bass that threatens to drop my bass Woofer right through the centre of my fucken desk, the way the motherfucker is moving around.
9. Song of the day – 303: Nova Scotia
It’s like the most outrageous but still ridiculously fun Pavement tribute I’ve heard since the glory (hem) days of Sammy.
10. Song of the day – 263: Tender Forever
The International Pop Underground marches on!

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