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SOTD #722 – Mandy

SOTD #722 – Mandy
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This song of the day came to me via their PR company. I usually just find my own songs without trying, but this track found its way into my inbox, and without a press person pitching this I’d probably never have heard it, and that would have been a real shame.

Mandy is the band name of Mel and Andy Fung, a Cardiff two-piece that made the perfect blend of Throwing Muses — or maybe since being in the UK, Sidi Bou Said — and the Olivia Tremor Control. “Angela” jumps from hazy thick fuzzed psychedelia to disjointed post-punk without ever sounding like two different bands creating the track. Ptolemaic Terrascope would’ve been dripping with praise for this back in the day.

The album Universe was recorded before Mel passed away due to breast cancer in October of 2014. The Bubblewrap Collective Label were kind enough to make sure this psych-pop gem made it out from the underground and into the world. I wonder if Mandy were at all Elephant 6 fans or into Flying Nun, cos it sounds like they would have fit right in.

Head to Bubblewrap Collective’s site to pre-order Universes, and/or follow the label on Facebook here.

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