Lee Adcock

Ty Segall – Manipulator (Spunk | Drag City)

Ty Segall – Manipulator (Spunk | Drag City)

A flock of youths gather around the artificial campfire and check their iPhones anxiously. “Oh, god, there he is!” a girl gasps, pointing upwards at the cliff over their heads. The audience swoons collectively as the guitar hero of the hour appears, hair streaming behind him, jangly Bowie chords descending like heavenly light from above… […]


Let’s have a hologram party

It’s nostalgia time, ladies and gentlemen. In the name of mixing it up, I’m going to pay tribute to one of my favourite bands to ever come out of Australia. Dead Inside The Chrysalis. Picture a 17-year-old Thomas, bright-eyed, Mohawk-less and for some reason thinking wallet chains were the shit, wandering into the Alley Bar […]