Laura Crapo

Julie Doiron | an appreciation

I loved the honesty and humour of all four members of Eric’s Trip. They understood the heart was sacred and the power of honesty.

 Laura Crapo

Dentata @ Royal Phoenix, Montreal, 24.09.11

They are total foxes, and they know it – which makes it even sweeter

 Laura Crapo

Chad VanGaalen @ Il Motore, Montreal 23.06.11

If you’re going to tell me his songs came out of nowhere and were never influenced by other bands, we’ll have to do some kung fu

 Everett True

Song of the day – 373: The Peelies

“Why haven’t these been a Song of the Day yet then?”

 Laura Crapo

Guitar Wolf + Cheap Time @ Cabaret Mile End, Montréal, 16.05.11

I’m no music nerd, but I know enough to know In The Red isn’t a dog’s breakfast of musical styles.