Lee Adcock

The Datsuns – Deep Sleep (Hellsquad)

The Datsuns – Deep Sleep (Hellsquad)

Honestly, I didn’t mean to pick two solid RAWK albums in a row. As usual, I had no idea what to expect when I drew the Datsuns from the line up. But FUCK. If I could boil this review down to one sentence, it’d be this one: the Datsuns have swooped down from their starfighters […]

 Laura Crapo

Why Canada drives me nuts

It’s Canada’s secret way to make our country less attractive to tourists

 Everett True

Part of Everett True’s interview with Kurt Cobain, April 24th, 1993

The only major arena rock concert I went to was Iron Maiden on the Fourth of July. People were shooting bottle rockets and throwing M-80s into the crowd all night