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SOTD #731 – The Fireworks

SOTD #731 – The Fireworks

Currently, I am not in love. Previous scribbles from moi would lead you to believe I covet certain men from certain distances for several months at a time – and that was true, in regards to the internal longing, the upheaval, the sense of lack. But now, as my life stagnates and the rest of […]


Tunabunny – Minima Moralia (HHBTM)

Wrongness is an underrated virtue. Tunabunny revel in wrongness with all the grubby enthusiasm of a puppy rolling in mud and, puppylike, they come up bouncing.

 Everett True

addenda to ‘how to get featured on a music website’

We LOVE bribes here at Collapse Board, the more straightforward (i.e. cash) the better.