The Point is No Point

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The Ledge! and Sandy Selig at Deadshits Festival, Nov 2010

By Kindling

Over the past two years The Deadnotes + The Legend! have recorded well in excess of 100 songs. “Why?”, you might reasonably ask of this seemingly pointless exercise. Good question. No answer.

While it’s taken us too long to whittle the first notch in the discography post, the timber was finally splintered a few months ago with an appearance on the ’78 Ltd compilation cd released on Thick Syrup Records from Little Rock, Arkansas.

And indeed we are honoured to share disc space with some of our faves – Jad Fair, Mike Watt, Julie Cafritz et al. Ye Gods! Without whom …

Doin it for the young folks at I Used to Skate Once, 24 June 2010

Our contribution, “Real Bad Man”, has been a mainstay of live sets over the past year or so.  Here is a live version of said song (not the comp. track) recorded at The Zoo in March 2011 when we supported The (still righteously boss) Clean.

If you were up the road that night at the Best Coast show, the folly of your probable youth is excused, and forgiveness flows to you good friend. That said, probs for the best if you kindly exit this blog now.

The Deadnotes + The Legend! – Real Bad Man (live) by Kindlingrecords

While I’m on a roll, plans are still afoot for the Room is Nowhere 7′ ep on Soft Abuse.

This 5-track single is to my mind amongst the best material we’ve recorded. Hells bells, we even overdubbed a couple of parts. Sell outs! Jad Fair cover art, mindless expletives, double sax attack – well, could you ask for more in seven inches of punk rock?  And if you did, what would be the point? I put it to you once again – there is no point.

Will keep you posted on release date.

The Deadnotes +The Legend! – The Point is No Point by Kindlingrecords

Whoa! Back again. Just like the carton of Coopers Sparkling Ale I’m currently investigating, this post knows no end.

Here is a gratuitous shot of a Deadnote with a Teenage Panzerkorps member only moments before the ceremonial destruction of the last known copies of The Legend!’s legendary 80s EPs – lest they one day fall into the hands of an undeserving Nirvana fan.

w/ Burrundi Cloud CEO, Edmund Xavier

Have another track. Unrelated to the aforementioned EPs. What would be the point in that?

The Deadnotes + The Legend! – Spectacles by Kindlingrecords

A real bad man at the Troubadour, 21 Oct 2009

And to round things out, here’s a completely meaningless list of The Deadnotes + The Legend! shows:

28 Aug 2009 – Step Inn w/ Kitchens Floor, Alps of NSW, Whyte Lightning
30 Aug 2009 – Disembraining Machine w/ Yout Dem, Craft Bandits, Cured Pink
2 Oct 2009 – Step Inn w/ Vivian Girls, Novia Scotia, Feathers
21 Oct 2009 – Troubadour w/ Michael Beach, Kitchens Floor, Blank Realm
5 Nov 2009 – IMA – Orange Trumpet launch

The figure on the left has never been seen before or since carrying band gear. The figure on the right is a ghost.

7 Nov 2009 – Cubby Hole w/ The Stabs, Witch Hats, Loomer
21 Feb 2010 – Disembraining Machine w/ Robert Curgenven, Yout Dem, Tom Hall
20 March 2010 – Cubby Hole w/ Kitchens Floor, The Thin Kids
24 April 2010 – Troubadour w/ The Bats, Greg Brady and The Anchors
24 June 2010 – The Zoo w/ Songs, Per Purpose, Community
3 Sept 2010 – Burst City w/ Feathers, Slug Guts, Blank Realm, Fabulous Diamonds
5 Nov 2010 – Woodlands w/ Blank Realm, Bitch Prefect, Teen Ax, Cured Pink
10 March 2011 – The Zoo w/ The Clean, Blank Realm

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