Everett True

The return of Everett True | 95. Some Jerks

The return of Everett True | 95. Some Jerks
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I have a theory that Vivian Girls are more similar to Ramones than given credit for. Not only in their sound – and the fact they were the first band to truly get Ramones since Shop Assistants – but also in the way they blazed a trail through the 2000s, inspiring dozens – possibly hundreds – of bands in their wake. (See also: Ramones in ’75.) Or, if it wasn’t them, then it was one of the bands they inspired that inspired in their turn. Why, here in Brisbane alone there have been a good couple of dozen – and when I say a good couple of dozen, I mean a GOOD couple of dozen. Nothing wrong with that (depending on yr taste) for, as 4ZZZ rightly put it, “Garage and retro-pop might fast be being flogged to death by every band on earth, but it is still nice to hear it being done well”. Definitions of ‘well’ still being out with the jury, of course.

This song by Some Jerks is contains elements of retro surf, sure. This song by Some Jerks has garage elements, sure – and a few well-placed “wop-wop-wah-oo’s”. But Some Jerks sure as fuck know who The Cramps are and why The Cramps rock so hard and you’re crazy, brother (as I’ve had cause to mention before) if you think shit like that don’t count for shit round these parts. Some Jerks ain’t exactly the new kids in town, but who the FUCK cares about that on 2015? And this song by Some Jerks (nice band name!) ain’t just about the sun and the surf and the beach and the good times. In fact, it’s very little about the sun and the surf and the beach and the good times: being about the revenge and the violence and the beer and the revenge. And that, of course, is what mainly attracts me to it. Gotta love a good revenge fantasy. (Hope it’s fantasy, leastways.) It’s the Gothic in Vicki’s vocals. It’s in the constant roll of the drums. It’s in the eerie silences.

The clue is in the title – ‘Dark And Dead Of Night’.

Oh, and that Vivian Girls connection I was talking about earlier? Here, try this.

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