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The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness (video and song)

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I’m one of those people who really liked The Strokes.

I got excited upon hearing their first EP, and even saw them live at 7th Street Entry before they blew up. (For those who don’t know 7th Street Entry is the lesser room for bands playing at First Avenue, the legendary Minneapolis venue made famous by Prince in the movie Purple Rain.) I even nabbed myself a set list. They were supported by The Moldy Peaches as I remember. I stuck by them as they became the whipping boys of the American alt. music scene, cursing under my breath as thousands of indie kids all decided, as one, with no influence from anyone, that they just didn’t feel like picking up their second album. Look, I own [The Strokes’ third album] First Impressions Of Earth for God’s sake. Don’t question my devotion!!!!

How’s the new Strokes song? You know I played 7th Street Entry myself once. Was it successful? It was midweek and I went on too early, you know? Not enough people had arrived. I think I saw one guy who seemed to get it though. I think he said something like “nice set” when I made awkward eye contact with him at the bar. I only got two drinks tickets. Typical.

So, yeah, the new Strokes song. Oh wait, did you know Prince is back living in Minneapolis again? He is, though I still haven’t seen him around town. I saw Grant Hart, ex-member of Hüsker Dü. He looked out of it. He was playing with a yo-yo.

OK, OK … the new Strokes song is … well … it just doesn’t matter. It sounds like a less interesting version of something from Is This It. Julian is disaffected. He complains about people singing the same song for 10 years (get it?) and he’s tired of all your friends. The video is barely worth mentioning. Everyone but Julian looks emotionless. Julian is perturbed. That’s the video. The b-side ‘You’re So Right’ has even less of a presence. The new album artwork (see above) looks like it was in the running to grace the cover of Future Shock by Herbie Hancock [his 35th studio album! – jazz-funk-fusion-hating Ed] but was deemed too passé. You could fill up rooms, buildings, canyons with how irrelevant it all feels. Phoenix are doing this kind of thing better anyway.

I’m not sure why I thought things would be any different. I’m sure I’m one of the few people that actually care at this point. Except now I don’t. Too bad.

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