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Trailer Trash Tracys – Ester (Double Six/Domino)

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trailer trash tracys - ester

By Scott Creney

Ester is the sound of walking home alone at dawn, exhausted yet ecstatic, a weary kind of bliss. It shambles and staggers, but most importantly it yearns — bathed in the twinkle and sway of the best moments of our lives. 

All of which is to say that I think the debut album by Trailer Trash Tracys is really good.

It’s a sonically rich landscape where the voices swoop and swerve like dream-pop guitars. It’s a heavily narcoticized girl group who stole the Cocteau Twins’ drum machine (it’s OK — they weren’t using it) and watched way too many episodes of Twin Peaks. I can’t decipher any of the lyrics, but then I need subtitles to make head or tails of The Mighty Boosh so that could just be because I grew up in hicksville America. Hey TTT, e-mail me your lyrics at Scott_Creney@yahoo.com so I can sing along in the car.

The lead single features a shameless ‘Teenage Wasteland’ rip, but I don’t care.

Their name is an alliterative cringe, but I don’t care. And oh shit, they got James Ferraro to do a remix? And it sounds like this.

Ester is a perfect debut album. It suggests that the Tracys are liable to head in any direction, including some we haven’t even imagined. Keep your eye on this band; things might be about to get very interesting.

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