Vegas Kings Have Left The Building

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Hell, pretty soon the building will have left the building. And what better way to start the death watch on The Troubadour than the Final Vegas Kings show of all time.

Words cannot describe, photos cannot show, and recordings cannot let you hear the passion the Kings unleashed on the room last Saturday night. The Vegas Kings are masters of their art. Angus is so solid behind the drums but inventive and light on his … feet? Pete is the soul of the band and gives so much that by the end of most shows I’ve seen he is drained and mumbling outside trying to light a cigarette through the sweat. Ben is straight up one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen and writes and sings the best murder ballads and bar songs in Australia. And “Flying Jesus Judo Kicks” is one of the Top 5 songs to come out of Brisbane ever.

No, really.

It was also the final show for Geese as their drummer moves to Melbourne. The other members all play in other bands around town so life goes on. Geese had an interesting take on garage/surf/stuff.
Geese – Live @ The Troubadour – 13 Nov 2010

Negative Creep is a Nirvana covers band from Mansfield if you know what I mean.
Negative Creep – Live @ The Troubadour – 13 Nov 2010

Narwhals is a thinking person’s surf music. Personally I think they are better than the Phantom Surfers, even if they’re stage show isn’t as entertaining.
The Narwhals – Live @ The Troubadour – 13 Nov 2010

And then there was the Kings. Everything you ever loved in a Vegas Kings show plus an occasional bass line. How did he do that? Gets very messy at the end when Pete invites the audience up on stage for Flying Jesus Judo Kicks then realises his mistake.
Vegas Kings – Final Show – Live @ The Troubadour – 13 Nov 2010

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