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what motivates me today

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Capsule interview conducted on 10 March by Reinspired blog for its first-year anniversary.

What has inspired me today?

“Lack of sleep. The full 9.26 version of ‘Black Medik II’ by Rose Kemp, and wondering whether any men are making metal half as good. Go!Go! 7188 (see featured image), and wondering about the hidden brilliance of the Japanese mainstream. The homespun recordings of Lispector, and wondering about the hidden brilliance of the French underground. Coffee. Being able to download the album by local band Nova Scotia, and anticipating that I may well like it, on a local level. Anticipating the new album from These Dancing Days, also downloading. Thinking of random ways I can expand Collapse Board, and hoping that random will be enough to survive. Lady Gaga and ‘Bad Romance’. Las Kellies. Anticipating tonight’s show, in support of The Clean – first time the legendary NZ band has played in Australia since 1989! Winston Smith. Egypt. Sending Ramones songs to an ex-NME writer who’s just moved cities and jobs and is missing his fix badly. Listening to one of my old Song of the Day mixtapes in its entirety and enjoying every note, every last flustered beat. The way Daniel demands to sit on my lap when I listen to music on the computer, and says “again?” at the end of every song he likes. Isaac’s chess-playing ability. Smoked salmon sandwiches. Setting up meetings. Being reminded of how great the production on The Like’s album is. Shonen Knife.”

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