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 Everett True

15 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 19.06.11 – 27.06.11

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Insane week. Insane. Most any other week, Scott’s fire-starting manifesto would have deservedly – and easily – taken top slot. As indeed would have Bianca’s awesome interview with former Hole drummer Patty Schemel. And if it wasn’t for damn SEO I’d have certainly reclaimed the top spot, albeit with a rather juvenile entry. As it was, the Kreayshawn entry generated more page views than the next three combined. Right now, Collapse Board is the go-to place for all matters Kreayshawn.

I’m going to have to do something about reining in some of these titles, though.

1. Shut up about Kreayshawn being racist
I mean, isn’t hanging out with, and working with other races pretty much the dictionary definition of NOT a racist? (Kelly McClure)
2. quite honestly, the worst fucking thing I’ve seen this year (Courtney Love in Venice)
You ain’t seen shit yet, chicken. You ain’t seen shit. (Everett True)
3. What the hell are we doing here? A Collapse Board manifesto of sorts.
Music is supposed to be fun. It isn’t supposed to be church. Here at CB, we believe there is NO SUCH THING AS BLASPHEMY. No artist should be placed on a pedestal. We insist that the listener is — at the very least — the equal of the artist. No matter who you are, you deserve as much respect. (Scott Creney)
4. Birth of an Abomination – Beck and the Ironic Persona
Beck clones were everywhere and in their wake they rendered passionate feeling an embarrassing personality trait. (Wallace Wylie)
5. this is why we have YouTube: Amy Winehouse drunk in Belgrade
You could make the following out to be a reason why we don’t need music criticism/journalism any more … (ET)
6. why I love Bon Iver

7. Patty Schemel – The Collapse Board Interview (see featured image)
“You want to stay in that comfort zone. It helps you block out the world.” (Bianca Valentino)
8. White America Reacts to the Death of Clarence Clemons Pretty Much Exactly the Way You’d Expect It To
R.I.P. Clarence. You deserve to be remembered as more than a symbol. You deserve to be remembered as a man. (SC)
9. Bon Iver – Bon Iver (Jagjaguwar)
He’s left his contemporaries in his cold embittered dust. Good for him. (SC)
10. Wu Lyf – Go Tell Fire To The Mountain (LYF)
Music for people who don’t like life. (Tamsin Chapman)
11. How To Be A Female Musician Starting Out
Expect to have more replies to your ‘I’m Forming A Grrl Band’ poster and online ads from men than from women. (Hannah Golightly)
12. my advice for aspiring music critics
Most musicians are cunts. (ET)
13. Producers that make (or break) the band
Band-members are like the ingredients of a cake: get it wrong, and the result is bland or sickly. (Princess Stomper)
14. William D Drake – The Rising Of The Light (Onomatopoeia)
“Everyone I’ve met who likes Cardiacs has LOVED music. Every single one. There is no such thing as a casual Cardiacs fan. They have the hunger on them. Music isn’t an optional extra, it’s the centre, the hub, the pivot around which everything else wheels.” (Lucy Cage)
15. Odd Future and sexism etc
The misogyny and homophobia on display in Odd Future’s output is sickening. I’m not sure how anyone could even think of playing it to a gay friend. Are they supposed to be open-minded and have a sense of humour about it? (WW)

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