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A Week in the Life of Jeff Pollack, Collapse Board Superstar – week 5

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by Wallace Wylie and Everett True

Another week, another tax-break in the life of Collapse Board’s very own upper-middle-management music industry superstar Jeff Pollack.

Day 1
My close personal friends over at NPR did us all a huge favour recently by streaming the new Fleet Foxes album. The title says it all: Helplessness Blues. Haven’t we all felt helpless from time to time? Just the other day I was taking some friends of mine out to a tax deductible business lunch when the greeter told us that there was a 25 minute wait! Can you imagine? I tried to explain how important it was that we get seated immediately, and that perhaps he didn’t recognise me but I was Huffington Post and Collapse Board contributor Jeff Pollack, but to no avail. To make matters worse my guests included Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas and Odd Future manager Christian Clancy!!! I just felt, well, helpless. In the end the food was worth the wait, probably one of the best lunches I’ve had this month, and afterwards I ensured the employee who wouldn’t seat us immediately was fired. When I got home I listened to Helplessness Blues and knew I wasn’t alone.

Day 2
While sipping my decaffeinated Moroccan Tea (with just a hint of mint!) I was given to wondering about how many great rock bands over the last four decades contain four members. It can’t be just coincidence, surely? To my way of thinking – and I don’t want to get drawn into the whole “four members is better than three members” argument here – four members is the classic line-up for a rock band. One, maybe two guitarists. A bass-player. One, maybe two singers. And of course a drummer. The list of great rock bands that feature four members literally reels off the tongue. Coldplay. The Beatles. Travis. Why, even Nirvana added an extra guitarist for their final tour!!!

Day 5
… and R.E.M.

Day 6
… and U2.

Day 7
Ride A Rock Horse by Roger Daltrey has to be one of the most underrated albums of the 70s. The cover, to me, sums up the power and majesty of rock music. With Daltrey on the mic, this music could go anywhere.

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