Song of the Day #781: Summer Flake

Song of the Day #781: Summer Flake
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Photo by Anita Shao

Something from the open browser tab collection that I’ve been meaning to post up for a while.

Summer in Brisbane is the worst. The heat, the humidity, where any small task not done in air con leaves you in need of a small sit down, a shower and a change of clothes. Every year we’re all here trying to rationalise why we continue to live here, just praying for summer to just end, keeping an eagle out on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website to check for lower temperatures in the near future. Often it only takes a day of Brisbane summer for everyone to have had enough of it and take to social media to make their feelings made. I’ve got to go to Kalgoorlie next week and its 42°C there today but at least it’ll be a dry heat.

Does all of this weather-related angst make me the archetypal summer flake?

Talking of summer flakes, if you’re suffering in Queensland summer, here’s some cooling sad summer vibes from the band Summer Flake, the Melbourne/ Naarm-based three-piece who also play/have played in numerous other Collapse Board favourites – Steph Crase (Skid City, Fair Maiden, Batrider), Joel Carey (Peak Twins) and Perry Mahoney (The Shifters).

This is the title track from their upcoming fourth album, due to be released on 24 February through the always excellent Rice is Nice record label. You can pre-order the album through their Bandcamp page, as well as hear a few more tasters of the new record.

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