Scott Creney

The Fall – Re-Mit (Cherry Red)

The Fall – Re-Mit (Cherry Red)

Re-Mit isn’t a breakthrough by anyone’s standards, but it’s something. It’s another book in the bible of The Fall.

 Wallace Wylie

Odd Future and sexism etc

Many men still feel that endless misogynistic ‘jokes’ are ultimately harmless and that everyone should just get a sense of humour.

 Dane Wilson

First Aid Kit live @ The Spiegeltent, 10.09.10

Feeling compelled to adopt a clumsy German accent for the duration of your stay is only part of the Spiegeltent’s appeal. The most important part is the shows inside, like those of Sweden’s precocious Söderberg sisters, otherwise known as First Aid Kit. Klara and Johanna’s profile took off in 2008 with a cover of Fleet […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 133: Johnny Cash

Oh, go on then. This is what I call a performance. I’m sure you’re familiar with it already.