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 Scott Creney

Buzzbands I Have Known

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Boston: 1998-2002

The Gravel Pit – Favorite

I remember reading an interview with David Cross the month I arrived at Emerson College (pull quote from the article had Mr. Cross saying “Fuck Emerson. Dropping out was the best thing I ever did”) where he said The Gravel Pit was his favorite band in Boston.  Having moved to Massachusetts, in part, because of its historically great music scene (Pixies, Muses, Lemonheads, Blake Babies, Dinosaur, Buffalo Tom, etc), I figured I’d better check these guys out. Say what you want, it’s an improvement on Lucy’s Fur Coat.

The Sheila Divine – Hum

Cover of the alt-weekly, local alt-radio saturation, packed shows, The Sheila Divine had everything going for them, and listening today, it’s still hard to figure out why it didn’t happen. This sounds like Nirvana crossed with Radiohead, with the kind of enormous choruses that scream superstardom. Chalk it up to shitty timing, or bad luck. Also, The Shelia Divine is the only band on this list I have ever (at the time) regularly listened to for pleasure, so let’s give them a second video.

Mr. Airplane Man – Jesus on the Mainline

In 2002 The White Stripes became popular, so some people figured that Mr. Airplane Man, a two-piece rooted in blues music and on The White Stripes former record label would become popular too. Funny enough, that isn’t how things actually work. If it did, Seaweed would have VH1 specials about them and 1999 would have been the year of Beatnik Filmstars. Exactly.

Asheville, NC: 2003-2004

DrugMoney – First Three Songs on their Album

These guys got mentioned in a monthly Spin column called Bands You’re Going to Hear About Someday or some shit like that. So naturally everyone in Asheville thought these guys were going to be huge. This just goes to show that people in Asheville, like people everywhere, don’t actually read Spin. But I’d still rather read Spin than listen to DrugMoney.

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