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 Mike Turner

Rear In Yr View 2011

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6. The Black Keys which somehow have some kind of authenticity (I know that’s a loaded word around ol’ Collapse Board) as being a very soulful and blues-based band, released their one millionth album just last week and are everywhere on stateside television at the moment. I don’t know if it’s just me but this band reminds me so much of the band in the movie Ghost World called Blueshammer.

If people are thinking the Black Keys dudes have soul or rhythm then a band like Trash Kit shouldn’t even exist at all, I guess.

7. Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel came out of hiding this year and started playing shows once again. The ticket prices for those shows had me thinking maybe Aeroplane Over The Sea should be changed to The Private Aeroplane Over The Seaside Resort. People are shelling out some crazy money to hear songs from 14 years ago. Maybe he’d be able to write some new songs if he read another book? In contrast Mark E. Smith just released another new Fall album Erstaz GB. Mark E. Smith never stopped working. Not that everyone should follow that example or anything.

8. Real Estate were signed to Domino and put out another record. I have no idea what Real Estate sound like at all, but I’m sure I’d hate it. Another band with a horrible name for Google searches called Household beat them in the name game, and album artwork. Can’t judge the music, but I do quite like what Household are doing.

9. Music criticism in 2011 is so boring. Just reading the dry reviews at Pitchfork will cover your monitors in dust. However you can also go the other way and just get a sentence and a video with most bloggers, or even worse just a repost of the press kit. I know it might seem a bit cheeky to reference the site this is posted on but thank Krampus for Collapse Board.

So while you are killing time at those last few non-working yet still at the office workdays, or the time you are stuck at the in-laws’ house, grab yourself a seat and treat yourself to what Collapse Board brought you in 2011. You have no excuse in saying there isn’t anything good anymore or music was so much better … (whatever year you think was best). Sure some of the stuff covered here you might have to do a little work and order direct from the bands or labels or ask your local mom and pop to order, but you can’t say there isn’t anything good worth getting these days.


10. Odd Future was a real big deal this year but, if you didn’t notice, people are already starting not to care that much as the year winds down. With all the writing about them that took place I’d be surprised to see any of their records wind up on year end lists, but then again people can be stupid (ex: Arcade Fire, Band Of Horses, Fleet Foxes, the crippled kid from Degrassi, anything on the Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguawar label) so you never really know. It’s funny how offensive the band were perceived to be yet it’s nothing that hasn’t already been covered a million times over by other people. I’d hate to see what people today would write if GG Allin or Lisa “Suckdog” Carver were doing what they did then right now. Hell, even The Dead Milkmen who back in their day were one of the main targets of the PMRC (the folks who came up with the parental advisory stickers) released a new record. They pushed some boundaries when they started, but it’s funny to see as we have become desensitized how much harder people have to go to be shocking. Then again in 20 years no one will be talking about Odd Future, and I’m going on about the Dead Milkmen so there you go right there.

This last video has to be added because the fact that the Dead Milkmen covered ‘Crazy’ by Pylon is reason enough, but to have Vanessa Briscoe Hay doing the vocals means you can’t ignore it. This was by far the best moment in music for my 2011. Pylon means the world, not only to the town I live in, but to me personally so hearing her sing this one more time was something I never thought I nor anyone in Athens would ever get again.

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