Live Review | All Tomorrow Parties curated by Jeff Mangum, Butlins, Minehead, UK, 09-11.03.12

Sometimes it’s just fine to have good old-fashioned fun at the seaside.


Live review of Young Marble Giants at Jeff Mangum-curated ATP, Minehead Butlins, March 2012 … in haiku format



The Dismal Spectacle of The Fall at Jeff Mangum ATP, Minehead Butlins, March 2012

I am afraid of Uncle Mark. Blatantly inebriated, this pixie-faced old man roams the stage like an imperious foreman.


Brigette Herron’s Favorite Moments of 2011: A Meditation on Decay & Rebirth

The end of the year is upon us. On this side of the world, everything is dying.

 Mike Turner

Rear In Yr View 2011

Wild Flag’s debut album has taken women all the way to the top and proves they can write an album as uninspired, predictable, and shallow as any man.