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 Everett True

Song of the day – 197: Factory Floor

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Daniel’s sitting crossed-legged on the floor with his mum, eating dried apricots, grooving to the motorik beat.

It’s hypnotic. Uncompromising. I can relate to the dance moves. Man, it’s raining some outside. Man, this is reminding me of Cabaret Voltaire’s Voice Of America. Now his mum is up and dancing, doing the hula hoop swirl.

I was tipped off to this London band via the comments thread on the Fever Fever post, because I’d mentioned a fellow band from Norwich, KaitO (who were contenders for the very first Plan B Magazine cover, but the timing was wrong). Factory Floor were described thus: “Like an echo chamber between one beat and the next at a really loud rave. You can kind of hear what is before and after as well, but mostly it is just now.” Factory Floor feature a former member, Nikki from KaitO. But they sound nothing like.

So, whatever. You can find Factory Floor’s MySpace here. Well worth a click.

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