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 Everett True

Song of the day – 287: The Fizzbombs

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Well. I had to, didn’t I? After yesterday’s Song Of The Day.

The Fizzbombs were a killer Edinburgh band from the mid-80s – an original drummer from Shop Assistants, the drummer from the way underrated Scots jangly garage outfit Jesse Garon And The Desperadoes, the same drummer playing  guitar for Rote Kapelle – who existed for only a brace of singles. This particular 12-inch was all primed to sell well, when the fucking distribution company went bust on their record company, leaving the two guys who ran it (on the dole) out-of-pocket a whole bunch. Shame. It was splendiferous fuzzy warm beach party pop, the sort of stuff which is so in vogue these days. You can download the entire EP here, I believe. That’s totally illegal, of course, and you really ought to check in with their old record label, but wait… I was half of their old record label! Calculus Records, logo by ace UK underground cartoonist Hunt Emerson, tea and biscuits in Cricklewood, fun and expectations halfway up the M1 to Scotland.

I always liked the song ‘Beach Party’ more than ‘Surfaround’ … but maybe that’s cos I contributed backing vocals. ‘Surfaround’ is still great, though.

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