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Song of the day – 348: Keep On Dancin’s (free download)

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At last! I have a new favourite pop crush in town. A band that understand the pleasure to be had from mainlining music from bands like Holly Golightly, The Monster Women and Neverever. Their debut album, The End Of Everything – out now or thereabouts on Merenoise Records – is so in thrall to the reverb fashion of last year, it’s a wonder. I don’t care. I love surf music, drawn out and languorous like Chris Isaak crooning gently to the velvet. I love the debut Jesus And Mary Chain album – and of course hate everything that came after with a passion. I love those first, tentative Crocodiles and Times New Viking recordings. Anything with a fuzzy burr and a femme ennui-laden vocal is going to do it for me. Anything that makes me swoon for the days when I would listen to the Shangri-Las 65! album for hours on end. Anything that takes the time and minimal effort to linger, lovely and proud.

Here’s the MySpace.

Here’s the free download so you can hear that they don’t just exist in my imagination. (They could – trust me, they could.) Especially important here as there appears to be no video. (No video! How can that be? I bet they have dance moves and pull shapes and zig sideways and everything.) If I listen to them much more I might even have to break my embargo on never going to see bands play live in Brisbane. ‘Houston’, right now, is the standout. It’s like being back in that year I interviewed Mazzy Star three times – including one journey to Boston where our small plane was hit by lightning – only it’s happening right here, today, in my town. Cool. It’s rather unfortunate that Bust have cancelled my column next issue, otherwise they’d be a surefire inclusion.

Sweet Bangs alive! They even cover my old tea-drinking partner Ms Holly Golightly. I had no idea just three short paragraphs ago.

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