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Song of the day – 378: No Mas Bodas

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No Mas Bodas

Oh, for Bangs’ sake. Another band from Austin, TX. Oh no, wait … that’s not Athens, GA … that’s Texas. Phew.

I want to mention Ništa Nije Ništa here. I love Ništa Nije Ništa. The name might mean little to you, but the two albums I’ve heard (released via Faust’s Hans-Joachim Irmler’s record label) made me so happy some years back: a little reminiscent of the female jazz improvisation combos led by folk like Lindsay Cooper and Julie Tippett I would see at the London Musician’s Collective in the early 80s, their music is febrile, Dada-flecked, skitterish, playful, admonishing, circular. I’d like to mention Effi Briest too, just cos I can. No Mas Bodas remind of these bands, just a little, not too much … enough and no more. Their music is – damn it all, I was going to use the description “beguiling”, what the hell is wrong with me? – is most welcome in this house: subtle, chiding, elliptical, warm, inviting. Playful, experimental, spontaneous but clearly with an idea of what’s going on, the voices trilling and vibrating but not in an (overtly) cute way, brass and string instruments adding texture and counterpoint. This reminds me of Danielle Dax, too – but at some point, everything great reminds me of Danielle Dax. So be it. You can hear No Mas Bodas here, and here.

I was going to mention Sydney duo kyü, but figured that was enough obscure reference points thrown your way for a day. (I wonder why I still need to find a place for everything. What does that say about my training?) Oh, and … uh … the reason I was a little taken aback in my opening sentence was because – yes – it reminds me of some of the glorious femme-led sounds coming from Athens, GA. Spiritually, not musically necessarily.

The title track is my favourite song from the mini-album Flesh, but this one is very fine also.

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