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Song of the day – 562: Nicki Minaj

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Seventy-one million views later, and I finally play catch up. Consider my tiny little mind blown into a thousand tiny little pieces.

I played this song to my Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll class in Caboolture, and it sure attracted some extreme (negative) reactions. “This is shit,” was the common consensus… all except me and this one girl sitting at the back who the previous week had revealed herself to be a Royal Headache fan and was sitting there with her jaw dropping, like me. It was the first time she’d heard it too. “I’m going to be buying the album tomorrow,” she said. More hardcore than Throbbing Gristle, more extreme than most ‘extreme’ punk hardcore and metal hardcore I’ve heard, and… wait. The video to ‘Stupid Hoe’ has been watched by 71 million people? What the fuck is going on? The alternative and underground is getting seriously left behind by this wanton and determined deconstruction of sound happening within the ‘mainstream’.

Nicki Minaj has several different personas, the best-known of which is her ‘Barbie’ one. ‘Barbie’ seems to be her simply channeling an 11-year-old’s perception of what ‘sexy’ and ‘glamorous’ ladies look like (hence all the tight, shiny clothes and ridiculously high heels). I beginning to have a serious problem with the way the video to ‘Beez In The Trap’ appears to be objectifying women, placing them on a pedestal (almost literally), as designed by men (although I’m willing to listen to counter-arguments). But this…? Bangs alive! Empowerment central.

Any fans of industrial music have GOT to be loving this, surely.

“Irritation is one of our greatest tools,” to paraphrase Huggy Bear (the band).

And then we played this, and I was a delirious twenty-something again, mainlining and grooving to the funk.


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