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Song of the Day #680 – Dog Chocolate

Song of the Day #680 – Dog Chocolate
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It’s best when new bands just slap ya in the face. Like when this rabid bloke from Dog Chocolate cries that he wants to give birth.

“I know it will hurt, and I know it will bleed / but I really, really, really, really, really wanna breed”.

The song, meanwhile, is a stunted, sopping, bleeding mess, bludgeons of lumbering guitar with loose springs of gizmo sounds waving in the air. If the wrongness of the lyrics doesn’t curl your toes, then the righteously rancid tune will.

Kind of Art Brut, yeah? They share the same disregard for wit or subtlety. Except Art Brut are rather clean and polite playmates compared with Dog Chocolate – look, go to their Soundcloud page and try to click on their Facebook page. (Hint: you won’t find a Facebook page.)

“Piss right off with your abilities! Bugger off with your abilities! Sod off with your abilities! FUCK OFF WITH YOUR ABILITIES!”

See, this is a deliberate stance against deliberation. More than that, though, Dog Chocolate are a bunch of dudes goofing off and flipping the bird (do people still do that?) at cock-rock macho men, sensitive indie types, artsy ironic intellectuals, and proper musicians.

Don’t think. Just charge ahead. Fuck-ups will occur. As they should. Perfection is for squares and mindless socialites, anyway (which, if you haven’t guessed by now, I am neither).

…OK, I have no idea how to quote that one.

But you see? This is what rock n’ roll is about – noise, chaos, rudeness, and pleasure. The kids that wanna be garage bands and 60s archivists, they purge out all the blood, semen, shit, and hate and sell this “pure sound” by sheer emotion and distant shouting. What’s so sacred about an echo, anyway? We don’t live in a well-preserved void. Ya can’t party in a garage rock exhibit. And that’s the essential thing – music that rocks should be tangible. Stuff you can touch. Nay, stuff you can break off a piece of, and keep in your back pocket. So please…take some Dog Chocolate.

PS: Dog Chocolate are also mates with previous SOTD champs, those lovable Dog Legs. YAY!

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