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Song of the day – 226: The John Steel Singers

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Mess And Noise asked me to review The John Steel Singers album.

I never make my mind up before hearing something, but I wasn’t really expecting to like Tangalooma. Too perky, thought I vaguely. Too Triple J, thought I vaguely. Too upbeat and anodyne and in thrall to Sydney and the fashions of the day, thought I vaguely. I was wrong. I like Tangalooma a whole bunch, the same way I can admit to a fondness to 10cc these days without blushing.

I’m glad I never make my mind up before hearing something. Well, rarely.

You can find my review of Tangalooma for Mess And Noise here. And you can find Andrew McMillen’s review for The Vine here.

Amazing how styles of music criticism can vary so greatly, isn’t it?

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