Scott Creney

Scott Creney’s Favorite Albums of 2012

This is what it feels like to be alive in 2012 — connected to everything and more isolated than ever.

 Mike Turner

Single Of The Week: Future Twin – Bad Seed (self-released)

Sun, fun, shorts, shades, the beach, the party never stops and the caring never starts.

 Everett True

22 of Everett True’s favourite songs of 2012 so far

A little early, perhaps … but there’s always so much great music around the difficulty is documenting it all, giving it a fair shake. DISCLAIMER 1 This is a random list – influenced by the heat today, and the lecture I just gave in Creative Writing, and the fact my PhD thesis continues to loom, […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 446: Coasting

We’re talking The Vivian Girls stripped of the 60s West Coast stuff and with layers of mid 80s Dunedin stuff added in its place.

 Scott Creney

Coasting – You’re Never Going Back (M’Lady)

If The White Stripes had been obsessed with Flying Nun instead of the blues and Led Zeppelin, it would have sounded like this. For someone like me, it’s absolute heaven.