Everett True

more Red Bullshit. A further comment on the AMP 2010 shortlist.

Is the Australian music industry – ‘alternative’ or not – racist at its heart

 Everett True

Oh Lord. The shortlist for the AMP 2010 has just been announced.

I got the impression the AMP was supposed to cover ALL forms of music, not just indie. Isn’t Australia known for its hip-hop? Its hardcore?


Dan Kelly’s Technocolour Dreamtent, 09.09.10

I love a rock show held at a sensible hour. Tonight it’s Melbourne’s Dan Kelly launching his new album Dan Kelly’s Dream in the Spiegeltent in the city square – proceedings kicking off at 7pm sharp. The Spiegeltent is a traveling event/tent/thing that goes from city to city all year round showcasing all sorts of […]