Andrew McMillen

A Conversation With Richard Kingsmill, triple j Music Director

Really, someone who’s written a blog posting about triple j, complaining about the fact that we’re trying to monopolise Australian music, really doesn’t keep me up at night. I really don’t worry about it.

 Everett True

Triple J. Setting music back for a new generation

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I have a new slogan for the corporation: Triple J. Setting music back for a new generation

 Andrew McMillen

An open letter to Stonefield

As I watched you play, Stonefield, I took in the crowd around me. Toward the front – up against the barrier – were groups of males in their 20s and 30s, beers in hand, cheering and leering at you. You probably noticed them.

 Everett True

Oh Lord. The shortlist for the AMP 2010 has just been announced.

I got the impression the AMP was supposed to cover ALL forms of music, not just indie. Isn’t Australia known for its hip-hop? Its hardcore?

 Everett True

the inaugural Collapse Board award for services to Australian independent music

To keep in line with other awards voting panels, judges will of course be voting for their sixth favourite record of 2010. Or perhaps 2009.

 Andrew McMillen

An interview with Richard Kingsmill, triple j Music Director

I was in Perth last week, covering an event called One Movement For Music for its official blog, One Movement Word. It was the second year I’d blogged for the five-day event, which includes a music conference component (called MUSEXPO Asia Pacific), a three-day music festival, and nightly music showcases. In one of the most […]