Princess Stomper

Why artists shouldn’t stick to art

The thunking riffs are suitably portentous, but the amusing video would have tickled Beksinski’s reportedly excellent sense of humour.


Laneway Festival @ RNA Showground, Brisbane, 28.01.12

I hate music festivals because I love music, and I mean properly love music. Real love is unhealthy, obsessive, consuming. I am outside Music’s house in defiance of a restraining order. I am frightening off Music’s new boyfriend. I am holding Music’s pets to ransom until Music agrees to return my calls.

 Princess Stomper

The Age of Clank: Why Genres are Important

Clank. It’s retro-futuristic. The way music is supposed to sound in the 21st Century.

 Princess Stomper

Why Everett True is wrong

The worst character in fiction is Twilight’s Bella: a canvas of nothingness onto which the empty project their shallow desires.