Everett True

Eleven records I wish I liked more

Liking most of these more wouldn’t half of made my life easier, at various stages. Would it have been too much of a compromise to make? Apparently so.

 Princess Stomper

5 fundamentally flawed albums you need to own

Sure, you can just use the presets, but that would be bollocks. The real artist puts things together in ways that nobody else would even consider.

 Princess Stomper

Why Everett True is wrong

The worst character in fiction is Twilight’s Bella: a canvas of nothingness onto which the empty project their shallow desires.

 Princess Stomper

Battles – Gloss Drop (Warp)

Bloody hell, this is good. I didn’t know Battles got this good.


William D Drake – The Rising Of The Lights (Onomatopoeia)

There is no such thing as a casual Cardiacs fan.