Ed Kuepper @ Brisbane Powerhouse, 14.09.13

Ed Kuepper @ Brisbane Powerhouse, 14.09.13

Dynamics are the key and it’s only if you really goddamn feel the song you’ve written, understand it with every fibre, does it all instinctively flesh itself out in a live scenario.

 Everett True

Clag + Kitchen’s Floor + Scraps @ Brisbane Powerhouse, 22.07.12

I wanted blurred angst. I got cold-shouldered warmth.


In Photos: Frankly! It’s A Pop Festival @ Brisbane Powerhouse, 10.09.2011

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By Justin Edwards

 Everett True

Top 10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 2010

Australia. You worry me sometimes.

 Everett True

You should know this about me. I like Robert Forster. I really don’t like Phil Collins.

So imagine my outrage on Saturday night. There were only a couple of minutes to go before Robert’s ’15 Songs About Brisbane’ set at the Powerhouse’s outdoor amphitheatre. We were sat in place, excited – a little chilled, but mostly excited as it’s rare indeed we get to spend an evening out together, let alone […]


A biased review of Frankly! It’s A Pop Festival 2010: Guy Blackman + Surf City + High Places + Xiu Xiu, 04.09.10

I spent the majority of Saturday at work in New Farm, painfully waiting my clock-off time. Arriving short of breath at the Powerhouse, I was greeted with a string of bad news: that Fabulous Diamonds had already played (“So loud! So good! They’re going to be huge! You missed out”) and that during their Sydney […]

 Anna Stodart

Frankly! It was a weird day, 04.09.10

I made my way into Frankly! It’s a Pop Festival a touch late and having missed Lawrence English, Guy Blackman and Fabulous Diamonds… oh, and apparently the memo to dress like an indie hipster and strongly impose all hipster qualities, namely that of not talking to anyone outside your direct friendship group, sitting on the floor during gigs and a strict, no dancing and no fun policy …


Frankly Festival 2010 @ The Brisbane Powerhouse, 04.09.10

Frankly Festival 2010 at The Brisbane Powerhouse featuring Xiu Xiu, High Places, Crayon Fields, Surf City, Guy Blackman and Fabulous Diamonds