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Song of the day – 472: Ronnie Spector (+ interview)

[Oh my god! Ronnie Spector is singing to me!]

 Everett True

Tobi Vail’s message in support of Pussy Riot

April 19th, the day of the trial, is the action day to show your real support and solidarity with the Pussy Riot and their three alleged members unfairly jailed in Moscow !

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Kathleen Hanna’s message in support of Pussy Riot


 Everett True

Pussy Riot | This band fucking rules more than any band has ruled in years

Pussy Riot must be “burning Putin’s glamour” pretty fucking hard for the state to threaten them like this.


Space Punk: The Online Video Years – “Group Pussy Riot burns Putin’s glamor”

This would be refreshing just as regular punk rock performed on a stage in a club, but Pussy Riot only play unsanctioned shows in public spaces.

 Bianca Valentino

Kathleen Hanna – The Collapse Board Interview

Kathleen Hanna – The Collapse Board Interview

“It doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re not a straight white male you’re going to get more harshly criticised than other people so you might as well just do whatever the fuck you want.”

 Everett True

Fucking love punk rock sometimes. Fucking love feminism sometimes. Fucking love YouTube sometimes.

“Revolt in Russia – the charisma of protest/Revolt in Russia, Putin’s got scared!”


Tunabunny – Minima Moralia (HHBTM)

Wrongness is an underrated virtue. Tunabunny revel in wrongness with all the grubby enthusiasm of a puppy rolling in mud and, puppylike, they come up bouncing.

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Song of the day – 413: God Equals Genocide

God Equals Genocide sing plaintively in Spanish language over rolling anarcho rhythms

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Riot Grrrl – the collected interviews

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Riot Grrrl is a myriad of contradictions. And that’s to the good.