Ben Green

Various Artists – Song Reader (Capitol)

Beck’s sheet music-only “album”, Song Reader, proved surprisingly divisive as a concept.  Some lapped up the intended, vaguely Luddite reminder of pop music’s origins as a DIY and ephemeral home entertainment; others shuddered at the “vintage” flavour (liquorice and pomade) or found the prerequisites of musical literacy/ability and access to an instrument elitist.  I was always in […]

 Wallace Wylie

Beck – Song Reader (Faber/McSweeney’s) THE BAD REVIEW

Beck selling sheet music is like McDonald’s selling a recipe book. “Hey, we’re not going to sell you the Super-Ultra-Mega Big Mac, but you can buy our recipe book and make your own version.” Those recipes might even look complex on paper, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t consuming garbage.