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22 of Mike Turner’s Favorite Songs of 2012 So Far

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Laetitia Sadier – Find Me The Pulse Of The Universe
You can never go wrong with Stereolab or Laetitia Sadier. This is just the first track leaked, but from this the new album is looking so very promising.

Skinny Girl Diet – Insomnia
Too cool, too hip, too good, too fearless, too bad if you don’t like it, it’s the future.

Summer Girlfriends – Shockwaves
Their debut album of the same name has been one of those ones you buy at first and say ehhhhh, it’s alright. But then you start singing the songs in yr head or humming a guitar melody or foot tapping that beat and next thing you know yr hooked. Yep it’s got kazoos and radar pinging guitar solos, try not to get it stuck in yr head.

The School – Where Does Your Heart Belong?
I’d normally call bullshit on bands doing this type of things these days, but they have the songs. Liz Hunt, if she had been around in the 60s, would have been a Twinkle, Lulu, or Sandie Shaw. (Look for a Single of the Week very soon.)

Lou Ragland – I Travel Alone
I’ve only dipped my little toe into the waters of soul music, but I can always trust the Numero label to help guide me. This label is doing some of the best work out there to date with great packaging, great pressings, and liner notes to help anyone feel like an authority.

Future Twin – Future Twin
Bay Area band pushed on me by Leif of Orca Team.

September Girls – Hells Bells
Again another one of the bands that came out late 2011, but I didn’t find it till 2012. I realize getting to the end of this list my tastes are truly boring. Just go to any record store, Goodwill or charity shop or any place you can find CDs, cassettes, or records and just buy the first album that looks cool or sounds cool then play it until you get something out of it.

I’m now boring even myself, so I’m gonna go to bed.

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