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Boys Against Girls: the Brisbane Street Press, part 1

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Editorial Staff
Anyone listed in the masthead that had ‘Editor’ in their job title was counted. I didn’t include anyone who did Graphic Design, Layout, Production, Advertising. I assumed that if you have ‘Editor’ in your job title, you probably have a role in deciding the content of the paper you work for.

Here’s the numbers:

Magazine Male Female Total M % F%
Time Off 5 0 5 100.00% 0.00%
Rave 4 2 6 66.67% 33.33%
Scene 2 1 3 66.67% 33.33%
3D World 3 1 4 75.00% 25.00%
TOTAL 14 4 18 77.78% 22.22%

Time Off would appear to be the most ‘blokey’ of Brisbane’s street press publications from a purely editorial stance with five male editors and not a single female on the editorial staff. Is there any obvious evidence of this? Well, here are the covers (and links to the full magazines) for every edition going back to August 2009. You have to go back four months to mid-October to find the last woman included in the photo on the cover (Hayley Williams of Paramore) and back over eight months to the start of June 2010, when Sia was on the cover, to find the last time there wasn’t a male included in the main image. It’s probably a bit unfair to single out Time Off but they make it easier to do by having an online archive of previous issues. However, Rave had The Like on the cover last week and Scene had Mary J Blige a couple of weeks ago which made it easy to remember, whereas I couldn’t think of the last time Time Off had a woman on their front cover and wanted to check. Not sure about 3D World as some weeks I don’t pick it up, although a quick check of their website shows that they had Eryka Badu on the cover on 17 November 2010, Kesha the previous week and Sister Bliss from Faithless (together with Maxi Jazz) a few weeks before that.

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