Brigette Herron’s 22-track summer mixtape for 2012

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By Brigette Adair Herron

There are so many things I should be doing right now. Tedious things. Creative things. Fun things. Boring things. Good-for-you things. I like to get things done in the summertime. Maybe that’s why I don’t identify with the lazy-hazy-chill out vibe of the traditional summertime mixtape. Maybe because I have to go to work in the summertime, I don’t want to think about relaxing. I need some power songs — some fun songs — some sunny dance around the house songs — some “finally! I can start to do some work!” songs. So this mixtape is for you miss and mister “need to get things done” types. Your time for leisure will come some day, but not yet you lazy assholes! Get to work!

Let’s get this party started right. Let’s get this party started… quickly. Here are some monkeys playing synthesizers. If this doesn’t get you pumped up, nothing will. Stop reading and go away. Go lay in your bed and mope about all the things you wish you could do — like play the Bleeptronic 5000 as good as a Pygmy Marmoset. Cute AND dissonant? We should all just give up.

You know what else I don’t have time for in the summertime? Riding skateboards. That’s OK, I also don’t have time to break my face open. But what is cool is that Kelley Deal recorded a version of Devo’s ‘Mr. DNA’ for some skateboard video and you can download it for a dollar at her bandcamp page here .


OK, so now that we are properly motivated let’s keep the momentum going. For my third track I have chosen the song ‘Haters’ by the awesome Atlanta band Baby Baby. Naturally there will be backlash from the lazy assholes that gave up on us at the beginning of this list so Baby Baby is here to help us keep a positive perspective. They remind us that there will always be haters, but we must carry on anyway. “Three shows on one day and that’s just on Thursday!” They’re just mad cuz we terrorize this city.

Are you still letting negative comments get you down? Here, let Nicki make it all better. Minimal, repetitive, empowering — it’s the perfect summer hit. It’s certainly the most interesting thing on mainstream radio right now.

Speaking of empowerment, here is the next badass track on my mixtape. It’s MIA’s ‘Bad Girls’. A comment on power and control dynamics, women’s rights, and doing your nails on a car driving sideways like IT AINT A BIG DEAL. Great lyrics coupled with the fact that it is still illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia makes this video even more powerful. I’M READY TO FIGHT NOW!

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