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Introducing ‘Bollywood Ear Candy’

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by Laura Witkowski

There is an old saying that goes, “I’d rather my life be like a musical than like that of the Joads family in The Grapes Of Wrath”. OK, this isn’t a saying, but it obviously should be. Who wouldn’t want life to be more like a musical than that of a Depression era clan that can’t seem to catch a break in a very boring book that was turned into an even more boring movie? Yes, there are people who say things like, “I hate musicals – they’re so unrealistic. Like anybody ever just breaks into song and dance like that in real life.” Well, Mr. Crabby McGee, maybe that’s the problem with real life! A little song and dance never hurt anybody, and it sure as hell would have made the trip from Oklahoma to California more fun for the wretched Joads family. Am I right? Of course I am.

The people of India know what’s up, because their entire film industry is a musical-spectacular making machine. Virtually every movie that comes out of Mumbai contains at least one (usually several) large song-and-dance number. And it doesn’t matter what genre – suspense, action, horror, comedy – they always find room for a song and dance break. For instance, this video is from the Bollywood version of the film Memento. Suck it, Guy Pearce:

[Looks great, but I still think I prefer Bollywood’s take on Reservoir Dogs – Ed]

Considering Bollywood movies are usually epic in length, in Hindi AND are released at a rate that makes Hollywood look like some sort of pokey independent art house that gives a shit about “the craft”, I recognize that it’s asking a lot for the novice to keep up with or even know how to begin to discover all the tasty musical gems in Bollywood movies. That’s where I come in! Presenting Bollywood Ear Candy.

Each week I’ll bring to you an awesome Bollywood song and then provide you all the information you need to fully appreciate its awesomeness. It is my gift to you the reader and not at all a selfish way to satisfy my own Bollywood obsession. Stay tuned!

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