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My Dick – My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release (Bandcamp)

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my dick

By Scott Creney

Before we go any further you should click on the link. CB isn’t set up to embed Bandcamp stuff.


My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release is the greatest album I’ve heard in the past hour, and in the age of ubiquitous internet I can’t think of any higher praise. The concept is simple, cover 80s and 90s songs while substituting the phrase “my dick” as often as possible. My favorite parts are when it doesn’t make sense, when My Dick have a chance to alter the original lyrics Weird Al-style but decide instead to cram in as many my dick’s as possible.

Favorite songs: ‘Baker Dick’, ‘Two Dicks’, ‘Do They Know It’s My Dick’, ‘Dick Dreams’, and the ‘My Dick Awards Record Of The Year Bumper’.

If I didn’t know any better (and I don’t) I’d think it was the guys from The Frogs.

I know in a month I’ll probably think this is stupid, but today I think it’s brilliant. That’s cool. Once upon a time I thought U2 was good too.

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