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Song of the day – 377: Amanda Palmer (Nirvana cover)

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Amanda Palmer

Wait a second. It seems like the floodgates are finally opening.

Listen up. You need to trust me a little here. I’m not one to be overawed by cover versions. Matter of fact, the last time I can recall being so impressed at such inspired reworkings of another artist’s songs would be some time around 1994, with Austin TX singer Kathy McCarty’s incredible album of Daniel Johnston songs, Dead Dog’s Eyeball. That was just one artist, though … and here I am, faced with the unsavoury prospect that Spin Magazine have been involved with something of value after all these years, a decent Nirvana tribute album. (You can download the entire album for free by holding your nose and ‘liking’ Spin, at the above link.) I had only heard two tracks from it – this, and EMA – but I am way impressed. Both tracks are sensitive in their beauty and distortion, but whereas EMA’s version of ‘Endless Nameless’ rages with its dissonance and jagged fury, Amanda Palmer’s reading of ‘Polly’ is quietened, a spooked horror show, a creepy music box after-the-event version, which recalls some of the scarier playground moments from the debut Siouxsie And The Banshees album, and absolutely unsettles.

Is her solo stuff this good? I used to be quite a Dresden Dolls fan, early on. Am I missing something here?

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