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Song of the day – 206: Sonny & The Sunsets

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I dunno. Whenever I see the words “vintage styled West Coast pop”, my heart sinks. It usually means some asshole or other getting all postmodern on the Beach Boys’ widescreen asses, or another display of anaemic tunesmithery that would do Mumford & Sons proud. Plus, it turns out that Sonny & The Sunsets contain members of Kelley Stoltz, the Three O Sees and The Fresh And Onlys, none of whom even vaguely trip my trigger.

This all just proves it’s good to keep an open mind/listen to music without the slightest idea what  you’re listening to. This reminds me of Tasmania, weirdly – and that’s to the good. It reminds me of Cornershop, even more weirdly -and that’s to the good, too. It’s ramshackle, like the Modern Lovers. Which is great. Most of all, though, the song I’ve just linked to is a clear Velvet Underground rip… in the best of all possible senses.

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