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Song of the day – 344: Suburban Mousewife (free download)

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This is exciting: it seems that we might have a Poison Girls/Fatal Microbes situation going down here.

I was first tipped off to this by a slightly suspect product placement Tweet from Tatty Devine. I did the sensible thing, ignored the main band and followed a disparate trail. The disparate trail led me to this, and for that I’m grateful. Then, I was loving it so much, and the folk from Tatty Devine were so apologetic and good-humoured about the whole thing, plus the name Poly Styrene had been mentioned in conjunction and I don’t take that sort of association lightly, I thought I should check out the original link (where you can download the Suburban Mousewife debut EP for free). I’m glad I did. Spiky garage punk pop girls indeed!

Here’s a video, but be aware the sound is super-distorted and they sound way better on the EP.

‘Gulags For Slags’ tips the balance. For the drawl and pout and old school screaming, and barely-contained menace. Suburban relapse, indeed. I don’t understand a word. I don’t need to. It’s enough that I can bounce up and down to it, like I used to do to Rubella Ballet’s Ballet Bag (another Fatal Microbes link!). Catchy chorus on ‘My Idol Is Me’, even if sometimes they dispense with a melody line altogether … and damn me, if the words don’t eviscerate. More songs about the tedium of shopping and TV idol abuse and ‘sluts for justice’. Sweet.

Oh, and here’s a brief explanation of the Poison Girls/Fatal Microbes comparison: although I’m sure the reasons for forming Suburban Mousewife and the totally fine Skinny Girl Diet are way different. The obvious thing to do now would be to compare the two bands. So I won’t.

Here’s the MySpace.
Here’s the Facebook.


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