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Song of the day – 357: Agent Ribbons

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Here’s a video, with a spooky carousel ride and swinging chandeliers and hearts worn on jackets and sparkly dresses and fairytale lights flooding bodies … I’m thinking David Lynch and then thinking that perhaps I shouldn’t be using the same reference point that I’ve been using for over two decades. Velveteen. Mesmerising. Music to smoke to, and curse the koalas down from on high. Or, as the Vimeo site has it: “An elegant video with a Moebius Strip-like construction”. That’s a nice idea, even if I don’t quite see it myself. It feels special though, in a way that most music videos don’t. Like there’s some deeper magic working here. Minimalist but only in the sense that silence can be a rhythm too.

If you’re late come to Collapse Board, you might not understand the depth of my devotion to these two ladies from Texas. Have a read here, and then be prepared to swoon. Swooning is such a wonderful sensation.

I just listen to the music. Much as I love their two albums, their songs are better listened to in isolation. The magic is amplified.

My wife just rather cruelly asked, “Are we listening to Sleeper?” but it’s OK. I’m divorcing her tomorrow.

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