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Song of the day – 382: Pop Singles (free downloads)

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It’s taken me a while to get around to writing about this. Apologies.

This is just great shy pop music. It could be a forgotten Flying Nun B-side or something from Brisbane’s Stress Of Leisure or The Cannanes, but it’s not. It’s from Melbourne’s Pop Singles and it’s quite special and magical in its own right. I list the other bands in an attempt to point out there’s a particular strain of independent, guitar-led music that belongs to Australia and New Zealand, that rarely originates from the UK or the US, that resonates with images of the rain-swept streets of St Kilda and the 80s and places in Sydney I’ve never dreamed of, that has a tradition unique to itself.  The song that I like, the song that I’m listening to, is the seven-inch that came out in April 2011, ‘I Know Your Name’ – oh yeah, sure: maybe Sarah Records might have once released something like this: and yes, I’m thinking Unpopular.

You can find Pop Singles’ single by going to their Facebook page and downloading a free compilation of their stuff. It’s lovely stuff. For, of course, they’ve been around for a while. And yes: duh. I bet they’ve heard The Go-Betweens and The Apartments and The Chills, but it doesn’t matter. As I say, they have their own shy magic. You know everybody will be dancing looking at their own feet when they play live.

The seven-inch is also available in physical form from the same source. Here’s a connected blog.

And here’s a video, because I know you don’t like to stray away from here too far.

It was either this, or the new Washington single. And someone’s already written about that.

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