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Song of the day – 44: The Bell Divers

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I have a feeling that everything I know about this band is wrong.

They’re from Brisbane. They remind me of my own London sweetheart Mathew Sawyer. I’d say that it’s fair to imagine they’re familiar with the following… Louis Phillippe, Guy Blackman, Momus, whimsical English Sunday afternoon pop, Jens Lekman, the delicious melancholy of solitude (but always secretly knowing that you can break from it any moment), Robert Wyatt and some of the more obvious names as well… and if they’re not familiar then (shrugs) well, it hardly matters, it’s just a 10-second journalist device to entice you to go and have a listen to their music over here while I enjoy the chiming guitars (oh so reminiscent of some of those forgotten Flying Nun B-sides) and the dewy-eyed harmonies. As I saw, I have a feeling that all of the above is false information. But maybe not?

If you go to their website, you can even download their latest album June July for free.

I wasn’t so convinced the one time I saw them play live. I’m way more convinced now, even if they can’t hide the joy bubbling away just beneath the heartrending lyrics.

See what a bit of concentration and a random recommendation on Facebook will do for you?

The Bell Divers – I Love A Man In Jail

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