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Guy and Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project – Country Pantry (Distort)

Guy and Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project – Country Pantry (Distort)

Ever sit and think a spell on dreamteam musical duos? Like, SuperHeavy should be enough to put any romance re: the supergroup completely of yer head, but there’s something always kinda thrilling about the idea of getting two disparate individuals in a room to see what sticks. Daniel Boone and D. Boon? Daniel Boone and […]


A biased review of Frankly! It’s A Pop Festival 2010: Guy Blackman + Surf City + High Places + Xiu Xiu, 04.09.10

I spent the majority of Saturday at work in New Farm, painfully waiting my clock-off time. Arriving short of breath at the Powerhouse, I was greeted with a string of bad news: that Fabulous Diamonds had already played (“So loud! So good! They’re going to be huge! You missed out”) and that during their Sydney […]

 Anna Stodart

Frankly! It was a weird day, 04.09.10

I made my way into Frankly! It’s a Pop Festival a touch late and having missed Lawrence English, Guy Blackman and Fabulous Diamonds… oh, and apparently the memo to dress like an indie hipster and strongly impose all hipster qualities, namely that of not talking to anyone outside your direct friendship group, sitting on the floor during gigs and a strict, no dancing and no fun policy …


Fabulous Diamonds + Guy Blackman + Surf City + Crayon Fields + High Places @ Frankly! Pop Festival 2010

Still feeling messed up from the night before, I stagger through Brisbane’s public transport system half-dead trying to make it to the Brisbane Powerhouse in time to see Fabulous Diamonds play at 1:30pm SHARP (this is a very professional event). I arrive just as they start and someone remarks to me about the cold atmosphere of […]


Live at Frankly! It’s A Pop Festival

Lawrence English is one of Brisbane’s Living National Treasures. ROOM40 is his place of work and it is unfailingly interesting if not really great. He curated this festival and it all fit together so well. I missed Crayon Fields but here are the rest of the acts. High Places and Surf City were my highlights. […]


Frankly Festival 2010 @ The Brisbane Powerhouse, 04.09.10

Frankly Festival 2010 at The Brisbane Powerhouse featuring Xiu Xiu, High Places, Crayon Fields, Surf City, Guy Blackman and Fabulous Diamonds

 Everett True

Song of the day – 44: The Bell Divers

I have a feeling that everything I know about this band is wrong. They’re from Brisbane. They remind me of my own London sweetheart Mathew Sawyer. I’d say that it’s fair to imagine they’re familiar with the following… Louis Phillippe, Guy Blackman, Momus, whimsical English Sunday afternoon pop, Jens Lekman, the delicious melancholy of solitude […]