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Song of the day – 580: Making Marks

Song of the day – 580: Making Marks
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I’m sure there are entire American Apparel-themed walk-in wardrobes full of stuff like this, but this is the one I chanced across early this morning and this is the one I love for today.

It has elements of everything: Belle & Sebastian, Animal Collective, Belle & Sebastian, Kitchens Of Distinction, Belle & Sebastian, Allo Darlin’, Belle & Sebastian … from Norway and formerly known as My Little Pony, plus it references U2. You’re looking at me like this is a bad thing. Normally I’d be with you. Of course normally I’d be with you. But today I will have to disagree. There’s a part of me that still holds that ‘We’re From Barcelona’ from those Zeitgeist-suckling, cod-Christian flailing, infectiously inane, irritatingly delightful I’m From Barcelona to be one of the singles of the 00s.

This, on the other hand, goes:

It’s like when I used to go down the ICA in London in 1982 and watch boys in long shorts perch on bar stools and pluck dolefully at acoustic guitars. You’re looking at me like that’s a bad thing. Normally, I’d agree with you. Of course, normally I’d agree with you. But today? Today we’re just going to have to agree on nothing.

I just listened to another Making Marks song and didn’t like it whatsoever. Way too twee. Boy-boy. Saccharine. Poised. Whatever, dudes. Whatever. Next you’ll be telling me you don’t like Tullycraft.

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